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Dr. Gagan Deep Kaur


Dear Student, This is a matter of immense pleasure for me that Government of Haryana has established Govt. College for Girls, Palwal, Kurukshetra to cater the need of Higher Education of Girls of Kurukshetra and nearby Villages around the kurukshetra. Nobody can deny the fact that an educated woman illuminates both parental and in-laws house. Today girls have crowned the top of the ladder of success in all fields like Science, Technology, Sports, Administration, Medicine and Education. The main objective of Education is to be aware as well as spread awareness about the every new information taking place in the world. Education makes one curious, aware and well informed. I hope that the student of GCG, Palwal Kurukshetra will be well informed about Cleanliness, Water Conservation, Women Right and Spread awareness to eradicate the social evils like female foeticide, Crime against women, Illiteracy and Superstitions. The College is committed to empower girls to enable them to transform their challenges into opportunities by enlightening their minds, shape their aspirations and long cherished dreams. I visualize the bright future when the girls of this college bring laurels to this temple of education and their nation as well. My heartiest blessing is with my students wishing them their bright future.