Government College for Girls, Palwal (Kurukshetra)
Code of conduct for Faculty
UGC Regulations must be followed for maintenance of standards in Higher Education.
All faculty members should prepare a lesson/teaching plan, well in advance before commencement of the classes.
All the faculty members must be punctual for classes and should adhere to the timings scheduled for other activities and events. 
All the faculty members should report to the college at least 15 min before commencement of Classes.
Mentor-mentee   System must be followed by every teacher and the mentor should take proper care of their mentees by guiding, motivating, counselling and monitoring them.
Every faculty member shall deal impartially with students regardless of their religion, caste, economic, social and physical identity. 
No faculty members shall act in any manner that violates the decorum or morality within the campus.
Take prior permission of the Principal before leaving the campus in the college hours and should sign/entry in the movement register.  
Render proctorial duties regularly in order to maintain strict discipline in the campus. 
All communications related to professional works to be communicated through proper channel by giving all necessary information in the office and seeking to prior approval of the chair before preceding such communication.
Inculcate in students a sense of responsibility, self-reliance, and mutual respect, appreciation for personal and public property and stimulate the spirit of enquiry in students.
All type of leaves should be sanctioned in advance, in case of emergency the HOD or nest senior faculty member must be informed with appropriate alternate arrangement.
Strictly abstain from giving any private coaching/classes directly or indirectly.
The teacher shall not enrol   herself/himself for any course of study/appear in the examination of University or other bodies without the prior permission of the competent authority.    
All faculty members must refrain from any form of unlawful discrimination relating to gender/sexuality/age/marital status in their behaviour towards their colleagues, teaching staff and students.
The faculty members must strive to prepare themselves academically to meet all the challenges and requirements in the Methodology of teaching so that the input may be useful for the students and community at large.
Every faculty members should get the feedback from students & act/adjust the teaching appropriately.
Teachers are prohibited to consume any type of Drugs during College time.
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